Weekly Light Language Healings

3 days ago   •   3 min read

By Bridget

Hey everyone,

This is a community I'm hosting for approximately 6 months beginning July 14 AEST @ 10am, where I will be channelling weekly light language healings targeted towards clearing emotional trauma and subconscious manifestation blocks.

Each session will be approximately 60 minutes. They will be available via live stream on Zoom, and as a recording afterwards. All healings are channeled in alignment with the highest good of all.

The light language will also assist with healing trauma, suppressed memories, patterns of self-sabotage, or feeling like no matter how hard you try you just can't get ahead. These are all blocks sitting within the subconscious that we are blind to, but can be overcome with the right techniques.


Each healing will take place every Sunday @ 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time. Calculate what time this is in your timezone here. If you can't make it, recordings will be made available after each healing. It is not necessary to attend live to receive the full benefit.

Trauma release

The light language for trauma release will always work in harmony with the wisdom of your body. The trauma release will never be overwhelming, as your own cells know when it is safe to release certain stored traumas or repressed memories.

It is highly recommended you listen to the light language healings every week, even if you can't make it to the live stream. This is because the healings will work cumulatively and will build upon each other. It takes time to overcome the subconscious blocks through repetition, but with patient persistence things will shift.

Group prayer

There will be an opportunity each week to write in and request prayers for yourself, a situation, someone you love, etc. These requests will be read out at the end of each healing and we will pray together as a group, and direct healing energy as needed. I encourage each one of you to put something forward (or put yourself forward) to be prayed for at some point in the journey. It is a powerful thing to ask for, and receive, help from community.


If you would like to get to know other community members, there is a Discord server where you can hang out, make posts and private message. You will be invited to join after subscribing to this community.

Subconscious mind reprogramming

In order for our world to change, we must first change our inner world.

Subconscious blocks are limiting beliefs which manifest as thoughts and behaviours, preventing you from truly thriving.

The subconscious mind determines most of your behaviour and therefore your outcomes in life. 95% of human behaviour is driven by the subconscious mind and only 5% is conscious will.

There are many ways to reprogram your subconscious mind, but in my experience light language is one of the most powerful ways to clear it. It's a tool which targets the subconscious mind in a direct and powerful way, and can help to clear trauma and subconscious blocks without the analytical mind getting in the way.

An example of how a subconscious block manifests, is not seeing the endless solutions which are available right now that would solve a problem in your life. However, it can often feel like no matter how hard we try, it always seems just out of reach. This is because of blocks in the subconscious mind.

These blocks can manifest from past life themes at a soul level, but they're solidified in early childhood in the womb until age seven. At age seven is when the analytical mind starts developing and you are less susceptible to programming, therefore most of the core beliefs are formed during this early period.

Clearing the subconscious blocks makes life feel easier and lighter. Solutions to lifelong problems can be received, whereas they may have been elusive and out of reach before. Abundance becomes easy to manifest, just like it is for animals in nature, who don't go through the same negative programming that most of us have been subjected to in our lives. The results we have been striving for finally become tangible and accessible.